Melt Warmers

If you love melts then Geelong Candle Co can help you with a stunning range of electric wax warmers and oil burners.

We have a range of normal corded oil burners that comply to Australian Standards.

Most of our burners use a halogen globe which can be purchased thru our online store. Do not use globes with a wattage of more than 25w OR LED globes.

Please use your burners with care. Those with painted plates will peel if scratched. This in no way effects the melts. I do sell replacement plates but the combination of heat, fragrances and wax will cause it to peel, this will happen to most as nearly everyone at some point will use an object such as a fork knife etc to get the wax out rather than letting it warm up and pouring out.

Plates are not replaced under warranty as it is normal wear and tear.

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Showing all 21 results