At Geelong Candle Co we are regularly approached by folks seeking donations for raffles, prizes and so on. Sadly we are not in a position to help you.

We already have a chosen charity that we donate to every year, The Royal Childrens’ Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

For us the RCH has been amazing. During my childhood, RCH saved the life of my brother on many occasions when he was unwell with Asthma. Some of you may not realise Asthma can be a life threatening illness. I have lost count how many times he was rushed to hospital as a little tacker. I’m sure had we not had access to the RCH he probably would not be here today.

My own children, have also been graced with the fantastic doctors and nurses and support staff over the years. The people who work at the hospital deserve every cent  raised by the Good Friday Appeal.

We hope you understand why we do not donate to other causes. It’s just not possible to hand over goods to everyone who asks. Financially many small businesses just can’t do this.

We do however have “Candles for Causes”

How it works

We supply you with candles and you on sell these to your target market to raise money for your club or group.

As a minimum you are required to order 96 small or medium candles with it broken into 4 fragrances from my top seller range.

Use what ever means you have at your disposal to sell them. Facebook, Instagram, Newsletters functions etc. I do not encourage door to door selling or cold calling.

Each case of small or medium candles has the potential to earn your club or cause $300+

Candles are all made using premium grade soy wax and fragrance.

Candles are also much better for your waistline than a box of chocolates!

Nitty gritty

All candles are required to paid for in full before being supplied to you. Unfortunately I don’t supply on consignment or on expected sales.

Yes I understand this is not a small outlay but you will recoup your costs PLUS more.

Once in your hands what you do with them is entirely up to you. You can charge my suggested price or set your own. I do not suggest charging less than retail.

50% deposit required on order and the balance prior to pick up or shipping.

Generally an order for 96 candles takes me 3 to 5 days to complete.

Use the contact form to discuss your needs.

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