About Us

Here you can find out a little about us.

I’m Melissa, candle and soap maker (along with mess maker). I have been very happily married to the love of my life since 1997. Together we have 3 kids & 2 grand kids.

I worked in the retail industry for many years starting as basic check out chick and working my way up the ladder to management. This gave me all the tools I needed to run my own business AND provide a level of customer service that’s second to none. I don’t believe the customer is always right, but I do believe they deserve quality products and great service.

Good products come and go, prices go up and down but service is the one thing that sticks! I have a small but loyal following and many of these customers have now become great friends.

I always try to have a point of difference to other candle makers, a unique style or a different kind of item. I find having at least one unique item at a market sets me apart as people remember it. It could be I have a tie dye candle or a unicorn fart scented candle!

Unique products and great customer service are what customers remember.

I have made candles for many years. There have been tears and trials and times where I have nearly given up but it’s something I love! The thing that kick started my business was making for family and friends and then being asked to sell them candles and do parties.

My business has slowly but surely grown over the years. I used to do lots of markets but in 2017 I decided to wind those back and focus on 1 main market each month and a few random events thru the year. I also decided to put more focus on my online business.

I hope to keep growing as a business and hope that you will join me on the journey!



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