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Here you can find out a little about us.

I’m Melissa, candle and soap maker (along with mess maker extraordinaire). I have been very happily married to the love of my life, Tom since 1997. Together we have 3 kids & one beautiful grand daughter and another grand baby due late 2017.

I have always loved craft projects, over the years I’ve done various things such as knitting, crochet, scrapbooking to name a few. When I was a kid we used to make dipped candles, you know, a wick that you dip in tubs of hot wax. I had tried making paraffin jar candles and pillar candles but always felt paraffin wasn’t the right medium for me. It really feels gross, the clean up is shocking and the side effects of inhaling paraffin really weren’t worth it. It wasn’t something I did a lot of but it was a fun activity in small doses. As I got older I dipped my toes in every so often and would make a jar or pillar.

Once I had kids, my hobbies got pushed aside and I went on with being a mum and now a Yaya. Then in 2010 I got sick. I had what’s known as a TIA (Or a mini stroke). As a result I stepped down from my management job and transferred to a position closer to home and about ¼ of the hours I was doing. I had worked in the retail industry for many years and was a manager on the climb. All the dive to climb the ladder no longer seemed important. Making sure I was around for my family was.

I started looking again at candles and discovered soy wax. I decided this was a direction I wanted to try. I did loads of research and started making them for myself. Playing with scents, colours and jars – BLISS. The thing that attracts me to candles is the science aspect. There’s a lot of testing and trialling that goes on to make great candles. It’s not as simple as chucking a wick, wax and scent in a jar. Things like wick size, scent load, melt temps and pour temps vary and these affect how well (or how poorly) your candle turns out. Making candles was actually great therapy as it turns out. It got my hands working and made my brain work.

After a while of making soy candles myself I decided to give them out as gifts for xmas. Within a short space of time my candle recipients asked me to make more for them if they paid for supplies….then came the “can I buy some from you for my friends?” and then the big one, “Mel will you do a party for me?”. EEEKK. I decided I needed to look into insurance and all the other things that go with being a business.

Since then my business has slowly but surely grown. I do lots of markets and my focus is on customer service. Good products come and go, prices go up and down but service is the one thing that sticks! I have a small but loyal following and many of these customers have now become great friends. At least this way, my customers are more likely to drop in to pick up orders or shop. in my candle room.

I always try to have a point of difference to other candle makers, a unique style or a different kind of item. I find having at least one unique item at a market sets me apart as people remember it. It could be I have a tie dye candle or a unicorn fart scented candle!

Unique products and great customer service are what customers remember.

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